Khan Foundation Junior Academy is an initiative of Khan Foundation. Khan Foundation is organization with a mission to Inspire and Ignite the hope of a better Nigeria by embarking on actionable initiatives to propel us towards a more sustainable future.

We so much believe in the power of education. We believe that education is the pathway to sustainable development in developing countries, hence, our projects are mostly education centred.


Nigeria has a whopping 10.5 million children out of school and that accounts for the world’s largest out of school population. This alarming figure poses a serious negative impact to Nigeria and the rest of the world as it is evident that an uneducated person is 9 of 10 times more likely to be involved in crime, become violent, become a societal nuisance and generally not contribute to the productivity of the Nation. We have decided not to sit back and watch this figure increase. We have decided to take a stand by pushing back the frontiers of illiteracy that is fast ravaging the shoreline of our citizenry. We decided to stand for a Nigeria where every child has access to quality education. Hence, the birth of Khan Foundation Junior Academy.

About Us

Khan Foundation Junior Academy is a prestigious tuition free Nursery, Primary and Secondary school for children from economically disadvantage background. Our goal is to avail them an opportunity to compete favourably with their privileged peers. We believe in child equality, we believe every child should be availed an equal opportunity to maximize their potential regardless of where they are born into.

We understand that talent is given to all, but opportunity is scarce, hence we try to bridge the gap by presenting opportunities beyond their reach to them to enable them become who they want to be without excuse.

Our Strategy

Slum Education Invasion program (SLEIP) – We invade slums in Nigeria and plant schools within their communities that are not completely disruptive to their daily activity so that we can prevent resistance from the community.  We solicit partnerships with the community by making use of existing resources within the community. For instance, we lease existing buildings that are suitable for us and use them as our base of operation. We also employ qualified teachers from within the community to teach the children because sometimes knowledge might have to be translated into the local dialect of the community.

Education By Exposure – We periodically take the children out on excursions to broaden their horizon and enlighten their vision towards probability of a better life.

Our Current Project

Background of the community

Makoko is an impoverished and densely populated community in the Yaba local government area of Lagos state. It is predominantly occupied by the Egun, Ilaje and Ijaw people. It is characterized by thatched wooden houses built ashore and is visible as you drive through the third mainland bridge.

Our First Academy

At the beginning of January 2018, we started a school in the underprivileged Makoko community in Lagos State that simply taught children in the community how to speak, read and write in English language for free. This was a crowd funded and volunteer driven initiative. We were given a venue to host the school free of charge, we laid carpets on the floor, installed a solar system to power the school and put a 32 inch LED television to air educational programs for the kids daily.

The response was simply amazing. The kids were eager to come to school and learn. As time progressed, we saw the need to embrace a more conventional learning system that was slightly tailored to their learning style. So we decided to launch out fully as a Nursery and Primary school.

Thus far, it has been a success. We have also had to replicate the functioning model in a nearby community over. We currently have over 420 students in attendance daily and the number keeps going up.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a custom built world class education for children who are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds thereby making them globally competitive.

Our Values (DR-SPICE)




Possibility Mentality


Capacity Building


Our 10 Year Plan

We want our vision to spread like a raging wildfire of social change so we plan to have at least one solid standing Khan Foundation Junior Academy in every state in Nigeria. Every state school would be responsible for setting up the micro hubs in each slum community in the state.

“One in eight people live in slums. In total, around a billion people live in slum conditions today” – Un Habitat Slum Almanac 2015 – 2016

If you have any questions about this initiative or have a space you can volunteer to us for free, please send an email with subject heading “KFJA” to