The iKHAN Teach4Nigeria Fellowship is an English teaching opportunity for emerging professionals. The opportunities we offer stem from our KHAN Foundation Junior Academy Initiative. Together, we work with governmental agencies in Lagos and other states.

Through this partnership, our mission is to facilitate the development of a prosperous Nigeria where children and youth have the opportunity to receive a high-quality bilingual education.

iKHAN Teach4Nigeria Fellows learn leadership skills while advancing English language skills in youth. The benefits of this prestigious fellowship include a living stipend, general and teacher training in Pedagogy and ongoing professional development.



Please note that currently we are only recruiting for our program in Lagos, but there is a possibility that programs throughout Nigeria will be available soon.

Once you submit your application, and pass the first screening we will start matching you with a school depending on availability.

Eligibility for our Fellowship

  • At least ONE year of teaching experience and/or TOEFL certificate
  • HIGH level of FLEXIBILITY and adaptability
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Age range of applicants is 18 to 25 years old.
  • English language skills, at native proficiency of C2 level equivalent.


What is provided in all programs?

  • N20,000 monthly stipend appropriated at N1000 per day
  • Training in pedagogy and Child Education Administration
  • Certificate of program completion

Participants are responsible for:

  • Transportation to School Venue
  • Feeding


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If you have any questions about the Fellowship, please send an email with subject heading “T4N” to


I actually began 2018 volunteering with Khan Foundation as a #HopeAmbassador. I tutored children in Makoko who have never been exposed to any form of education. I was mainly responsible for teaching them to read and write the English alphabets. It was definitely the best way to have started such a remarkable year. During my time there, I came to a conclusion that people appreciate what you leave in their hearts more than what you leave in their hands. I saw firsthand what it meant to live a sacrificial life. It was also clear to me that individuals define wealth very differently. Some measure it based on their bank statements while others believe wealth comes from sharing a good dose of laughter with loved ones. The latter was their definition of wealth. One unforgettable experience was when I climbed up the wooden stairs, and up to the class room. The children started singing and chanting their “Aunty , Aunty, Aunty!!!” with so much joy and enthusiasm. It was the sweetest thing ever. Thanks to Khan Foundation for this opportunity to serve.