Who we are

Khan Foundation is a social impact conglomerate focused on education development in Nigeria. We are a portfolio of change encompassing education centric programs, projects and initiatives that are geared towards propelling us towards a sustainable future as a nation.

We are social impact investors striving to make investments towards social development in Nigeria while receiving tangible, measurable return on our investment which is ascertained by measurable change.

Founders note

The word KHAN is an acronym for Kingdom Hope Ambassadors Network. Khan Foundation is a volunteer driven network of change striving to make a sustainable difference in Nigeria. We are tired of blaming the government for our problems! We are tired of complaining without an end! We are tired of waiting for the solution to our problems to come from the international community. Hence, we are taking a lead in changing the narrative of our country. We are not just talking about a revolution, We are actively doing something!  The fact that we can’t do everything doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything. We are doing the little we can!

Our Vision

To Inspire and Ignite the hope of a better Nigeria by embarking on actionable initiatives to propel us towards a more sustainable future.

Our Strategy

We hope to spark up a revolution in Nigeria that would transcend beyond her borders to other parts of Africa by;

  1. Promoting community development initiative that revolve around the sustainable development goal of quality education available to all.
  2. Providing education and skill acquisition to foster youth development
  3. Organizing seminars and workshops aimed at sensitizing rural children on the need for empowerment in every sense.

Our Philosophy

Africa is the cradle of human civilization. Till date, innovations and inventions of prehistoric Egypt such as the Great Pyramids of Giza still remain a wonder to modern day man. Egypt because of her early embrace of knowledge and innovation set the pace for world civilization and development.

If it took education for Africa to pave the way for civilization in prehistoric times, it’s also going to take the same for her to blaze the trail of civilization in modern times because whatever is responsible for obtaining the victory, should also be responsible for preserving the victory.

Therefore, it is our belief that education is the light at the end of the tunnel for many developing countries.